We also offer a range of hunting trips on land and water!

We offer a wide range of hunting options on land and water for almost every type of huntable game!

We personally guide hunts in the south for species such as waterfowl, alligators, wild hogs, whitetail deer, small game, turkey, upland birds, exotics, and more! These hunts can be combined with fishing trips and can be done in the same area. Most trips start at $400 and go up depending on what you would like. We also arrange hunting, fishing, and bowfishing trips around the globe and can set you up with that special hunt you have always dreamed of. Please contact us for more information. South Coast Safaris and The Hunting Company 251-504-4709

A nice 10 footer we got on Day 1 "Swamp People" style in LA!

Big Bull Eland! Largest of all Antelope

A fun day in Maine!

A BEAST 215 incher with a crossbow!

A BEAST of an Iranian red sheep!

320 inch MONSTER in Bama with a crossbow!


Merriams Turkey

We had a pretty good season

I mean MONSTER bull elk!

Another bang up day of duck hunting

Not a bad evening of hunting


Big dead bison. That's how I roll!

I guess he was big enough to take

Another beast red stag on the dirt

We have been slamming the coastal ducks

Spotted fallow I guided